Strand of Veg*n Books


“You’re only going in to look,” I said to myself. Yeah, right. I first went to Strand Bookstore, near Union Square, with my dad last year. We should be banned…gambling addicts aren’t supposed to go to casinos.

While I have a stack of cookbooks on my desk…notice not in the kitchen…I like to have them…especially when they have pretty pictures. Seriously, though, they are a resource that’s good to have on hand if you need to whip up an awesome batch of vegan brownies. Ok, fine, or something healthy…that’ll make meaters (yeah, no typos) salivate.

What’s nice about Strand is pretty much all the books are a couple bucks of the Barnes & Noble down the street. What is dangerous is when you pile up the little nuggets–the books with slashed prices. (U-hum…just don’t get carried away; make sure they are at least something you would pine for of you were down the block.)

Their Vegan, Vegetarian, Raw section seems to have expanded. I was looking in the area I am used to seeing them. Very limited…then I heard the “V” word (no, not vagina, if you’re lost on P.C. land). The usual row or two had multiplied.

As I perused the titles, including the Pam Anderson book (no, not the go-naked-against-fur (yay), Baywatch babe) reviewed in the current issue of Bust magazine, I did a double take at the half-dozen, half-off Sticky Fingers cookbook. Oh, yeah, score…apparently, unlike the Patriots. (LOL. That was for my coworkers who were in high spirits these last two days.)

Especially, if you’re veg*n, you should have a few good, easy for you cookbooks for when you’re in a pinch. If you’re in NYC, head down to Strand or find you’re own pot of gold on Amazon.



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