Don’t Wait For Taco Tuesday

Visited 1/31/2012

Yesterday afternoon I realized, ‘It’s Tuesday.’ For months I’ve been trying to get over to Blossom Du Jour for Taco Tuesday.

It’s kind of interesting that they only have them on Tuesdays and, I’ll say, it’s actually worked against me going there even though I have liked their food. Since the restaurant really isn’t close to me, but I really wanted to go back for the tacos, every week for a number of months now I’ve been saying to myself, “Oh, well, I missed going for tacos. Maybe next week.”

Well, I finally got there for tacos…and they won’t be the reason I go back. While I liked them better than my compatriot, I thought many of his critiques were valid.

The sweetness of the vegan crumble and the uniqueness of the blue corn shell were really all that separated these from what I could easily throw together in my own kitchen for a fraction of the price. If you get to BDJ on a Tuesday, be sure to give me your feedback. My suggestion, though, go on a night you really actually want to and try the Midtown Melt, Buffalo Wrap, or Vegan Mac & Cheese.

The big redeemer of my taco trek was also grabbing a wrap for lunch today. While a little heavy on the vegan mayo, especially given its sweetness, the Picnic wrap was pretty delicious.


Blossom Du Jour – Chelsea
174 Ninth Avenue (20/21), NYC 10011
Mon – Fri 9:30am – 10:00pm
Sat 11:00am – 10:00pm
Sun Noon – 9:00pm


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