Rescue Chocolate’s Good Fakin’

So, speaking of donating to rescue animals, I recently tried Rescue Chocolate’s Fakin’ Bacon bar, in which the net proceeds go to benefit animal organizations. It came at a good time too.

This past Wednesday afternoon, I overhead through the cubicle partition a coworker talking about chocolate covered bacon. Quickly I opened up a new email and sent her the link.

Some might ask ‘Why chocolate and bacon?’ The sweet and salty actually work together. I’ll admit, though, that the idea of greasy bacon dipped in chocolate is a nasty one, even if the realization of the source is removed. So I’ll admit I have never tried animal bacon in chocolate; however, I’ll also admit I had plenty all greased up on breakfast plate and burgers as a child, so I am a total fan of what can be done with facon.

Last week, I actually got the chance to talk with Rescue Chocolate founder, Sarah Gross, about her Fakin’ Bacon bar. As to why have a vegan variation like this, Sarah admits that seeing the original be really trendy, she surmised ‘Why not?’ and requested her chocolatier to make a few samples.

It’s hard to imagine tiny Sarah eating chocolate, but she taste tests everything. And the bar has been well received. At chocolate shows, Sarah insists she’s had surprised taste testers who couldn’t tell it wasn’t real bacon, which I can see.

This bar kind of had to grow on me. I actually had half and saved the other in an air-tight container for a couple weeks. It has TVP bits in it, colored to give a bacon appearance, with a little smokiness. While it’s been some time since I’ve had animal bacon, I had to get over how reminiscent it was…and salty.

The salt contents is more well integrated then some sweet and salty bars can be, which do not strike a balance between the two…and maybe that’s intentional. When I revisited the other half of my bar, I devoured it. With the salt and smokiness, this is a heartier piece of chocolate you have to be in the mood for but definitely worth giving it a try.


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