A Super Disappointment From Larabar


This is procrastination kind of taking a bite out of me. For the longest time I’ve been thinking about writing something on Larabar, like ‘Leave No Larabar Untried.’ Last night I found a few I’ll take a pass on in the future.

Popping a Larabar in your bag is really the easiest way to ensure you don’t starve if you’re going out with non-veg*ns, but also just good as a snack.

They aren’t for everyone, I know. A few months back, a coworker received a few mini sample packs while buying her lunch at Whole Foods. She took one bite and dropped all the samples on my desk. They were ‘too dense,’ I believe was her criticism. Fair enough.

That I don’t have to think about most of them, since they’re predominately vegan, is a big plus. Their taste is an even bigger one. If you have never tried a Larabar, they are ground and formed into bars, but mushy. That they can get around 6 ingredients to taste like apple pie or blueberry muffin is what impresses me the most.

So with my love of the original, I saw Uber Larabars at Whole Foods last night and blindly grabbed the three varieties in stock.

First off, if you’re Uber Vegan, be careful. While some of my self-described “vegan” friends are on the fence about honey, I am not; I don’t care. I limit my consumption, though, and was a bit disappointed that these bars weren’t for all. If you are against honey, you’ve been informed; all 4 Uber Larabar varieties contain this ingredient.

This Roasted Nut Roll was basically like a Glenny’s bar, only not quite as good. It has bits and chunks of nuts held together with rice syrup and sweetened with honey.

As far as nutritionals, I just stopped staring at them. It was too late. I’d bought the thing and opened it. It was a waste but I wasn’t going to waste it.

If you really like this kind of bar, want more fat in your diet, or want to crack your tooth, sure, try it. Or, if you’re looking for something more solid than an original Larabar, you could always just grab a mix of nuts from the bulk section; just plain, unsalted nuts would have more flavor than this bar.


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