Kashi Mayan Harvest Bake


The Mayan Harvest Bake is one of only three (with Tuscan Veggie Bake and Black Bean Mango) vegan frozen meals offered by Kashi. That might seem low, but considering they only offer 11 entrees in all, that’s a pretty good percentage. Plus, they offer two vegetarian meals, which brings their total of meatless offerings up to five. Considering that many frozen meal companies offer vegans and vegetarians a big fat goose egg (zero), I’d say Kashi’s doing a pretty good job.

The Mayan Harvest Bake isn’t just my favorite of the vegan options; it’s my favorite even over the vegetarian options and one of my top convenience meals period. As I walked through the supermarket aisles minutes to close, grabbing provisions for me weekend in suburbia, this is what I was thinking (read dreamingof (I know, so sad).

The ingredient combination is great, creating a rich mix of textures and flavors. This is topped with a Spicy Ancho sauce; if you’re not good with spicy, worry not. The sauce has a very mild heat, which balances well with the mild sweeteness of the plantains and sweet potatoes. Since this is full of very tender ingredients, the amaranth polenta, sweet potatoes, black beans, and plantains, there’s a nice addition of pumpkin seeds for a little crunch.

As an aside, not sure why, but I’ll say I find the funniest thing about this meal is that the microwave is the “Suggested Method” for heating.

My one desire is that they would make a gluten-free, vegan meal. Come on Kashi, let’s bring everyone into the mix!


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