Amy’s Brown Rice and Vegetable Bowl


I’ve been wanting to do a concise write up of all the Amy’s products I’ve tried; I have a stack of little UPC codes, some even with notes like “creamy,” “bland,” “filling,” “waste”. Unfortunately, details kind of go after a while. So piecemeal it is.

Though normally I would eat most all of Amy’s varieties since they do not use cheeses that contain rennet, the VeganMoFo back in October really got me trying Amy’s vegan options. Still, though, I’d seen this product tons of times and passed it over, but I’ve been trying to eat healthier in the new year, so I was swayed to give it a try.

Listening to Terry Hope Romero on episode 76 of Our Hen House, “food has sort of changed from this idea of like everything vegan necessarily means brown rice and seaweed…”; so originally pretty health-oriented (read bland) and limited, which was kind of what I was expecting this bowl to be.

Why try something I’m not sure I’ll like? Well, I missed the word TOFU right on the top of the box, it was on sale at the supermarket, and it was under 300 calories. Since I was traveling at it was nearly 11pm in suburbia, I thought that no matter if it was bland, for the price I could just add some sauce and it would still be a cheaper and healthier option than some other choices available to me at that moment.

Nothing extra needed though. At about $3.50 on sale (about $5 regular price) and 260 calories (with around 23% DV of Sodium) this was a score. Very creamy with a balance of veggies and tofu, I was pleasantly surprised. I eat tofu, but it’s not always done right…most of the time it’s just there…but it worked here. Times have changed.


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