Tune In and Turn Over a New Leaf

Being veg*n isn’t just about what you swear off; it’s also about what you gain. Aiding the environment, animals, and other humans are pieces of the puzzle. Some also say, if done right, you can gain personal well-being and even greater athletic performance.

If you’ve resolved for 2012 to get fit(ter) (lose weight, tone, go farther) but you’re a little lost as to the best route, learn to “Run on Plants” and gain more motivation from No Meat Athlete. Check out their new podcast, now available on iTunes, and don’t forget the loads of articles at your fingertips.


2 thoughts on “Tune In and Turn Over a New Leaf

    1. Very cool. I don’t consider myself an athlete yet, but I’m working on it. I’ve wanted to do a half marathon for a little bit now. The fourth of these podcasts is really interesting cause Brendan Brazier talks about when to eat certain foods and for which activities and duration of excercise you need more of certain foods.

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