Technical Support: QOOQ In the Kitchen

One of my favorite apps is BBC News. Yesterday morning, Leo Kelion reported for the BBC from Las Vegas on new technologies unveiled at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Among those being a kitchen-friendly tablet by French company Qooq (pronounced ‘cook’).

CNET‘s review of the QOOQ tablet is not entirely favorable. CNET editor Rafe Needleman suggests, “that the smart purchase is a more general-purpose tablet and a cook book stand. There are plenty of cooking apps for the major operating systems. And when you’re not cooking, your expensive tech investment can be used for something else.”

So this tablet may not be for everyone. For a fee, though, subscribers can access a library of videos and recipes, customizable to dietary habits. My greatest curiosity is just how efficient these capabilities would be in serving vegans and vegetarians willing to shell out the dough?


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