The Word: EOS

A while back, I saw ball shaped lip balms in a magazine. Some celebrity couldn’t live without it at the time. In a few drugstores, I began noticing the EOS lipbalms. One day, without thinking, I caved and bought one.

I was just learning about animal products in cosmetics but it wasn’t until after I broke the seal that I thought, ‘I wander what’s in this?’

Disappointed in myself, I tossed it on my dresser and resolved to email the company….

…Time marches on…

Every once in a while I used it, and really liked it actually, justifying that I had paid for it and I just wouldn’t buy another one until I did my research…and I stuck to that. As I was rolling a container of their new hand lotion around my palm in the grocery checkout, I stopped myself and put it back; resolving that I would email the company…

…Time marches on…

Now I’m not generally someone who says ‘I’m going to send that company a letter,’ and then never does. I send TONS of letters (well, emails; everything’s digital, right) but there are only so many hours in a day and some things take precedent.

As I rolled it over my lips the other day and thought, ‘I still haven’t emailed this company,’ that was it…




I’ve been seeing your lip balms and hand lotions in a few magazines and I’m curious as to whether they’re suitable for me as a strict vegetarian (not consuming or using animal-derived products) or vegans (not consuming or using animal-derived- nor animal by-products).

On your website, your shave cream, hand lotion, and body lotion are labeled “No Animal By-Products.” I’m curious if this label includes animal derived (including insects) ingredients, ie is your glycerin sourced from animals or vegetables?

Also, your lip balms do not have “No Animal By-Products.” In the ingredients list you provide, I see they do contain beeswax. Aside from that, do they contain any other animal-derived- or animal by-products?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide!



JAN 04, 2012  |  05:12PM EST
Dear Sarah,
Hello and thank you for writing us. As you correctly note, our lip balm contains beeswax, so it is not vegan, but contains no other animal products. Our shave cream and our hand and body lotions contain no animal products. Please let us know if you have any other questions.
Jonathan T.

One thought on “The Word: EOS

  1. Sarah,
    Thank you for taking the time to comtact the company! Lazy plant-based(ish) guys and gals like to put the “ass” in “assume” and don’t care what they are putting ON, merely what is going IN (and I see that same level of “closeenoughedness” there as well!)
    Kudos to you and you kind, cruelty free heart, and thanks for your time and effort getting answers straight from the source!
    All My Love,
    Katie, an old-timer vegan 😉 👵

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