Blame It On Coolio


Sunday night, I got lucky The Good Wife was a rerun; my sister conceded the TV so I could watch the first episode of Rachel vs Guy: Celebrity Cookoff.

Well-knowns like actor Lou Diamond Phillips and swimmer Summer Sanders are competing against each other, cooking for the chance to win money for their chosen charities.

It’s silly and overdramatic. Come on, it’s Food Network for goodness sake! It’s only food and they’re taking it so serious…but I love it it! (I’d be no different.)

Amidst all the stress, there is Coolio, a Grammy Award-winning rapper, adding a bit of humour…and awkwardness.

He made fish tacos. As he explained to his group that he puts talapia and beans together, you could hear birds chirping…literally, thank you sound effects guy. Some persons served the dish at the mock festival seemed to like it, though.

While watching didn’t inspire me to go fishing, I started craving tacos.

Red kidney beans, brown rice, meatless soy crumble, chipotle salsa, and banana peppers all mixed together and heaped into hard shell tacos lined with vegan pepperjack cheese.

Thinking on how watching the show encouraged me into the kitchen, makes me an even stauncher advocate for a Food Network vegetarian/vegan show host.

As the bottom two, Aaron Carter and Taylor Dayne, competed against each other, I thought, ‘I couldn’t do that.’ Not because I can’t cook (toss a couple things in a pan and hope for the best) or because I’m a no-name, but because the secret ingredient was shrimp. Now I have a box of faux shrimp in my freezer but I’m confident that’s not what the two were cooking with.

One day I want to flip to a food challenge where the secret ingredient is something like cactus pear or some obscure South American plant.

Ready, set, compassion-eat!


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