Sprinkling My New Year With Sweet


I’m pretty sure this was a Vegan Treats’ Caramel Dulce de Leche cake that I picked up on my last trip to Viva Herbal Pizzeria. Still hungry, as I settled in for the ride to Brooklyn, I started deconstructing this sugar shack; the tiles of caramel (only one of four are pictured) were delicious.

As I pulled the pieces away to expose the cake, I was slightly disappointed it looked to be a dry cake. No fork, no eat. So I saved it.

As I finally dug in (for just a bite on New Years Day…and no I wasn’t hungover), the Truvia jingle played in my head: “Self control down the drain.”

If you’re not into sweetness, though, this isn’t for you. While eating it, I thought how creamy the icing was and how fluffy and moist the cake actually was…but this was rich. As I set my fork in the sink, there was that sugar tingling on my tongue.

This was worth the $6, though, cause I was “loving every single bite”…even if it’ll do nothing to aid my skinny jeans in 2012.


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