Viva Herbal Pizza Is Off My List


This was desperate food and a waste of waiting. I’d passed over greasy (yummy) Chick’n Fingers at Vegan Drinks in an attempt to be responsible and was holding out for something healthier. As I headed home, I was getting desperate and remembered where I was.

This was my second visit to Viva Herbal Pizzeria. The crust is different, interesting…that’s where it ends for me. When volleying names with others in a game of ‘My City’s Better Than Yours,’ I’m not even going to think of this place as an NYC pizza joint anymore. It’s a place to get Vegan Treats at…but they’re all over NYC and Philly.

When I first saw the size of my slice, I was actually excited. The slices are topped high (yay)…but the toppings are not cooked through (nay)…sometimes not even the crust (ehh). I’m currently feeling under the weather…but it wasn’t the first time I went there a few months back. My slice of ZEN actually started making me nauseous; the rubbery mushrooms and chilled despite heating tofu were not what I’d been holding out for…or what I thought I’d be getting for $5.50 (ugh).

I ended up eating the visible crust while my friend laughed at the result. When he asked if I was going to get the rest to go, Jim Gaffigan echoed in my head, “Nasty Crap,” and I was just going to toss it; he got me a box instead.

As I pillaged my fridge for breakfast/lunch, the box was still there taking up space. I actually ended up scraping all the toppings into a bowl and just ate the rest of the spelt crust with some jarred pasta sauce, which actually kind of reminded me of a denser version of Domino’s breadsticks.

Looking into the bowl of toppings, I recalled a scene from Gilmore Girls in which the character Sookie St. James, a chef at a popular inn and a friend of the main character, was upset her food had been sent back to the kitchen for being “sewery”. The toppings all sounded like a good combination. I’ve put the bowl back in the fridge; maybe actually cooking the ingredients will make them taste better…maybe.

However, it seems some really do like this place. Maybe some, though, are just desperate for something that sort of resembles the pizza they might remember. While I really wanted to like this place, it is in Our Hen House/VegNews TV’s NYC Vegan Weekend on a Budget, it’s checked off my list.


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