Some Fun in the City

My day off started with The Cinnamon Snail and ended with Gobo. Along the way, I saw some fun randomness around NYC. Union Square is one of my favorite areas in the city; a hub to start any good day! There is a Whole Foods, a farmers’ market, a movie theater, good veg*n food just short walks in all directions (think Curly’s, Lula’s, Atlas Cafe), a well stocked comic book shop, Strand Bookstore where most everything is just a little cheaper (be sure to stop in and grab your copy of the 2012 Vegan Guide to New York City for $8.95…and maybe some other gems. HA!), an excellent baking supply store, and I’m gonna get a little girly on you and mention Jay Nails (just be sure to grab your Priti vegan nail polish from Sustainable NYC before you go). Look on!


Grabbed a good breakfast/lunch. [THE CINNAMON SNAIL]


Vas-y, Bacon! Qu’est-ce?! (LOL! So got that wrong, I’m sure.) [STRAND BOOKSTORE]


Apparently I have a thing for robots. Ha! This REALLY tempted me. [STRAND BOOKSTORE]


This made me think of one of my veg*n comrades. [Broadway Panhandler]


Making it a little easier to shop! [DSW]


Channel your inner TSwift in leather-free MaddenGirl boots. [DSW]


So wrong…it’s kind of right. Prefer the drawn version. [FORBIDDEN PLANET]


Nothing like rounding out the day with dinner and good company. [GOBO West Village]

You can still have your fun outside NYC:
Mr. Bacon vs. Monsieur Tofu
Robocup Measuring Cups
Souper Spoon
A Bahn Mi with a similar flair to the Snail’s


2 thoughts on “Some Fun in the City

  1. Omigod – I gots to get me one of those “Souper” spoons – he’ll fit right in with my “staff of co-writers.” Can’t believe I haven’t seen that before 🙂

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