The Cinnamon Snail Crawls Into NYC In Its Last Week

The Cinnamon Snail


Visited: 12/19/2011

My plans were strictly lower Manhattan on my day off but then I saw that little sidebar on Facebook: We’ll be at 56th and Broadway until 3pm today. Plans change.

I caught the train to 57th street/7th Ave for a late breakfast/early lunch from The Cinnamon Snail, which is now zoned or permitted (whichever it is) to set up on NYC streets. Yay!

The whole case looked yum, but I went for the special items I’d seen on Facebook and grabbed a Triple Chocolate Brownie for my sis. [Funny? She’s a chocolate fiend like myself and said it was good but actually too much chocolate. Wow! Maybe we’re turning into lightweights, but I’m thinking you should be prepared for a sugar high. LOL!]

It ended up becoming a late lunch, which is a testament to how good it was. When I finally stopped and opened the wrapping, my plan was to have a little to hold myself over, but save most to reheat later…that didn’t happen; I devoured my sandwich cold. This sandwich was fat! A good buy for your money. Naturally the bread was a little tough at that point I dug in, but the mix of jalapenos and seitan was spicy and the chipotle mayonnaise added creaminess.

This is their last week before they hibernate through the cold weather. You have three days more, so head over and see Sydney and Adam (spelled “Tony Mercedes”). Check them out on FB to find out where, including the Flatiron District on Friday. “Like” them so you’ll know when they’re back!


Visited: 12/23/2011

I made it back on their last day. I’m kicking myself a bit that I didn’t try the Thanksgiving Sandwich, since it won’t be on the menu in the spring, but I went back to elementary school and had breakfast for lunch, ordering the 200 Year Old Man Breakfast Platter. I think the name is supposed to refer to longevity, but I felt like an old woman when I got done with this platter…but it was delicious slothiness (probably not a word). I need to stop thinking I’ll like kale, but this was better than most I’ve tried. The seitan was spicy. All-around a nice collection of flavors.

Like squirrels collecting acorns for the winter, some stocked up. Joyce Friedman of The Humane Society walked off with several boxes of goodies to hold her over until The Cinnamon Snail returns…I wonder how many will make it to the freezer?


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