Cold and Flu Season Starts at Halloween

Last weekend at the Green Holiday Festival I got to listen to Alex Jamieson on how our eating habits effect our immune systems. Ms. Jamieson is my newest girl crush. Well spoken and beautiful, she’s certainly the poster child for veganism.

You, as I, may remember her from Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock’s killing-myself-slowly (actually, kind of quick considering it only followed him for a month) documentary, in which he ate nothing but McDonald’s for 30 days straight.

Jamieson notes that with Halloween, the start of our winter over-indulgences, begins the cold and flu season.

We start over indulging in sweets and miss even more nutrients than usual. We’re missing out on veggies (only 12% of the average American diet).

According to Jamieson, cold and flu remedies can suppress healthy bodily functions, like coughing, and keep you sicker longer. A fever, for instance, is a way of internally cooking the virus. In out fast paced world, taking a day off to rest is easier said than done.

Some suggestions:

Vitamin D

Probiotics offset antibiotics; so if you’ve had to be on antibiotics, which kill both bad and good bacteria, add probiotics into you diet for a few weeks after to encourage the growth of good bacteria.

“If you’re not getting vitamin c on a vegan diet, you must be eating only bagels and Pepsi.”

For going out, Jamieson suggests eating before a party cause there’s no guarantees whether there will be something you would or would want to eat.

Also, if you take food to share, don’t hesitate to take for yourself first. People will eat the vegan stuff before the vegans can even get to it; make sure you’re not left hungry.


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