Booths That Make You Go “Hmmmm….”

Of all the vendors and organizations at the Green Holiday Festival, three brought up some very interesting issues and concepts.


KUR Organic Superfoods

Originally from Denmark, this brand is making its way across the ocean…with a new formulation (sweeter) for our American tastebuds of course. Talking with Lyn of Kur Organic Superfoods made me consider again the issue of veg*nisms non-universality. There seems to be no standard across boarders; other countries even have their own vegan/vegetarian symbols on foods and their own go to organizations.


Gristle Tattoo

We think about the foods we consume, the clothes we buy, but whether the ink you’ve put in your skin is vegan may never have crossed your mind. I’ve been giving some consideration to getting a tattoo for years…and apparently the wait has been for a good reason. Makes you think about everything in your life that may unknowingly contain animal derivatives.


Mr. Ellie Pooh

Yep, it’s as it sounds. This super soft paper is made with elephant dung. Dr. K first saw this paper process while working in Sri Lanka. If they can recycle dung, why can’t many people just find a recycling bin for their plastics or we can’t have more efficient cars?


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