“I’m Making This Sh*t Up As I Go.”

Last night I got a great chance to see Ryan Adams perform at the iconic Ed Sullivan Theater; the home of the Late Show with David Letterman. Such well-known acts as Adele, Coldplay, and Taylor Swift have played the CBS run Live On Letterman (LOL) series. Adams was there to close out 2011 with songs from his most recent albums, a couple oldies, and share some memorable anecdotes.

Among his musings: what if KISS played an LOL show, his love of Moonlighting, and what he had for breakfast/lunch at the famous Carnegie Deli, a massive corned beef sandwich.

In jest, I weakly called out “Go Veg,” drowned out easily by the crowd, but my vegan friend had a little laugh. To say that the Carnegie Deli isn’t very veg*n-friendly would be an understatement. For vegans, there is fruit and steamed vegetables. Lacto-ovo vegetarians have many more options, but everything is cooked together.

His meal was completed by a try of the 5th Avenue candy bar cake “the size of like basically a small meteor.” Alternately, even though I would likely not eat this now, I showed my awe, Ohhh-ing in approval on queue with the audience.

I’m not vegan; I’m vegetarian, but getting an ingredients listing from the establishment to make sure it contained no animal-derived ingredients is less likely than my ever singing on the Carnegie Hall stage. I justified my adulation with, ‘I’d never eat it but I’m sure it tastes good.’ I’m sure a vegan baker will one day whip up a variety that I can have a “massive meltdown” from.

The smaller venue creates an intimate feeling. My friend and I started talked with Annie Reuter who writes You Sing I Write. Check out her site for more music news and NYC concert info.

Also, Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn is a vegan-friendly bar you can eat, drink, and be merry listening to live music. Check it out.


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