Bibimbap! Try Saying That Three Times Fast




Visited 12/2/2011

Last night I got to eat at Wild Ginger in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I mean actually sit in. The three previous times I’ve popped by and enjoyed their food from plastic containers on the ride home.

My last time picking up takeout, I overhead a young gentleman praising his food. So, like the intrusive oddy I am, I nudged my way into the conversation and asked. “Bibimbap. It’s really good.” An odd, new name I tried to take note of.

Luckily I actually remembered the mental note I’d made to try it. (Lucky cause my brain resembles a board covered with post it notes. The only reason there’s ever any room is cause many fall to the floor.)

If there was an organization certifying “junk-food-aholics”, I’d have some badge or certificate or trophy…..sometimes it’s nice not to have something fried or sugary….sometimes.

So while much of what I’ve ordered in the past at Wild Ginger has been fried…to varying degrees of my satisfaction…this dish was a nice change of taste. A mix of rice and vegetables, including avocado and chick pea, with kimchee sauce, my bowl of Bibimbap was both flavorful and filling.

Wild Ginger
212 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
(718) 218-8828


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