Veg*n Friendly Gift Ideas

Today is the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. Stores offer sales in an effort to encourage consumers to buy earlier and buy more. There are small movements against the day of spending, encouraging a day free of purchases.

If you eventually decide, yeah, you do need to buy presents, here are some veg*n friendly ideas.

For all:

  • Vegan Cuts Holiday Shopping Guide: make this your first stop. I saw this first on Vive Le Vegan. This guide has various sections, including coupons, gifts ideas for men, and recipes. Most of the coupon codes, including one for Vegan Essentials, are good through Christmas!
  • Converse: An old-school favorite, the shoe company is offering 20% on select styles through 11/27/2011. While All-Stars tend to be a vegan shoe, the company is not vegan itself; so be mindful while selecting.

For ladies:

  • Priti: This brand is my favorite vegan nail polish. It’s glossy and long-lasting…but it’s not the cheapest. So the company has some kits that give you a little extra.
  • Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Offering three box set (2 for lips and 1 for eyes), this would be for the makeup lover in your life.

For office gifting and stocking stuffers:

Sephora: Isn’t exactly a mecca for veg*n friendly cosmetics and bath. There are several brands worth mentioning, though. Buy on their sites, or if you’re already at the mall, you can tie up some loose ends in one go.

  • Last year, the powerhouse owners of Sephora, LVMH, scooped up a large stake in The Body Shop; nearly every product from TBS is vegan-friendly. The company still offers better deals in store or via their website, but if you’re already standing in a Sephora line, it’s at least a safe bet.
  • Urban Decay slaps little paw prints on the display for all their vegan products. However, steer clear of their gift sets; they can’t seem to make one that’s all vegan.
  • For men, Jack Black offers an array of shaving and skincare products that are vegan; if you decide to buy in store, first go to the site and search ‘vegan’ to get an idea of what’s available.
  • Korres: For all bath and skincare products that are vegan or vegetarian, you’ll see it clearly printed on the packaging; they haven’t added this label to their color products yet, but they provide a list of vegan products. Now through 11/27/2011, the company is offering 20% off online purchases with code FF2011. My favorite holiday gift set is their Guava set for $32, which includes full size bottles of body wash and moisturizer…and their super hydrating lip butter.
  • Pacifica: 100% vegan, these sets make for great small gifts or breaking them out and making up little goodie bags.


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