Have a Tasty (Non)Turkeyday!

Happy “Stock-Up-Before-Thanksgiving-Or-Starve-Watching-People-Eat-Meat” Day. If you’re looking for ways to replace having a turkey on your serving platter, check out this article that gives a brief rundown of alternatives. This one by Fresh Tofu Inc is one I’d never seen before today…and I’ll probably never be brave enough to try it.

This year, I plan to make myself stuffing with a recipe by Sarah Kramer from her book Vegan A Go-Go as my guide…of sorts. If you have Kramer’s book, you know what’s being left out…including the instructions.

I’ll be the first to admit that my go making stuffing for fun last January might not look the prettiest, but it was quite tasty! I’m sure it will look quite right tomorrow, though, next to a slice of vegetarian roast and a sweet potato with Dandies Vegan Marshmallows baked on.

Ok, so basically the ingredients are my guide, rather than the full recipe. I grew up on Stove Top Stuffing, but none of the varieties are free of animal stock. So I used most of the ingredients listed by Kramer as well as how I remembered my mom making a box of Stove Top. I folded everything together in a large casserole dish and baked covered in the oven on 400 for about 25mins.

If you have, or do get, Kramer’s book, you’ll learn how to make her exact stuffing recipe as well as how to make a tofu roast and basting sauce.

One thing I may consider doing differently, which is instructed by both Kramer and SavvyVegetarian, is to saute the vegetables in oil before combining with the other ingredients to bake. We shall see.


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