Control Your Impulse At The Checkout

All those goodies at the register are there to tempt you. To entice you to spend just those extra few dollars. However, at your usual grocery checkout, you may be buying more than some empty calories. Aside from milk and egg containing chocolate bars, some products you might not expect to contain gelatin and/or carmine and/or dairy. At Whole Foods and online stores, like Vegan Essentials and Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe that cater to vegans, you can find brands like B Fresh Chewing Gum and PUR or seek out Hint Mints. Shop wisely.

Interestingly, full size Altoids contain gelatin, whereas Mini Altoids do not…however, aside from that, their veg*n friendliness is unknown.

3 of these four Mentos gums contain either gelatin or carmine. It is still undetermined as to the veg*n friendliness of the fourth or original Mentos flavors.

These seem to be new addition to the line up, having migrated from the dental care aisle. Pocket sized Colgate Wisps are a great idea, but I was a little shocked to flip these around and see that they contain gelatin.

Trident Layers your fruity flavors with gelatin. I read in a forum, that Trident claims their White variety is vegan. Again, though, the jury’s still out on the veg*n friendliness of their orginal gum. However, in the FAQ section of their site, they do provide detailed information about an ingredient in their Xtra Care gum that is most definitely not vegan. Read more below.

Trident Xtra Care®

How does Trident Xtra Care® work?

When you eat, plaque bacteria eat too. As a result, the bacteria produce plaque acids. These plaque acids cause calcium and phosphate to migrate out of the enamel, eventually resulting in the formation of a white spot lesion (weakened enamel). Trident Xtra Care® contains Recaldent. Recaldent is a milk-derived ingredient containing portions of a milk protein (casein), calcium and phosphate. The milk protein binds to the plaque layer on the surface of your tooth. When it then comes in contact with plaque acids, it releases the calcium and phosphate in a soluble form that penetrates the enamel, rebuilding weakened enamel from the inside out.

What is Recaldent®?

Recaldent® is an ingredient derived from casein (pronounced kay-seen), part of the protein found in cow’s milk. Its technical name is casein phosphopeptides-amorphous calcium phosphate, or CPP-ACP.

I can’t eat dairy products, can I chew Trident Xtra Care®?

If you are allergic to milk proteins, then you should not chew Trident Xtra Care®. However, if you are lactose intolerant, which means you have difficulty digesting milk sugar (lactose), then Trident Xtra Care® is fully digestible and safe to consume.

Is Recaldent® found in the ingredient list on the pack?

Yes, it is called calcium casein peptone-calcium phosphate (Lactose-free milk derivative).


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