B.A.D. Times In Brooklyn Or Manhattan

Late night trips to Williamsburg are a fun, and sometimes very necessary, detour after a long day. Depending on the time, B.A.D. (Burgers and Breakfast All Day) at 131 Grand Street is a little veg*n-friendly oasis in a sea of, well, not so much for me.

Last Monday, B.A.D. opened it’s second location in Manhattan. Only a block over from Angels & Kings, the welcoming host of the monthly Vegan Drinks events, I got the chance to visit the new B.A.D. kid on the block this past Thursday night.

The menu has been revised to expand the vegan options and make them easier to find. So for those who’d been craving a vegan chick’n option, which they didn’t have previously, you can now get a vegan Dirty South. Also, where the mac and cheese either wasn’t previously noted as vegan or not even offered as such, you can now get it so…or maybe even order up the Brooklyn Bolognese vegan (mac & cheese topped with sloppy joe).


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