So Delicious Goes Greek


Recently, I picked up a cup of So Delicious Greek Style Coconut Milk-based Yogurt. My mother and sister love dairy-based brands of Greek yogurt, like Fage and Chobani; a few years back, even I hopped on the Greek bandwagon. So I was excited to see this vegan variety.

The novelty was the most enjoyable part of this product. It tastes good, but it fails to imitate it’s dairy-based shelfmate, which I will admit it has been a while since I’ve had. Eating, I remember thinking, ‘I really don’t think this is Greek style.’ After I finished, I even Googled images of Greek Yogurt and was instantly reminded.

Let me reiterate, it still tastes good. Dive into a cup with the right mindset, though. It’s a denser version of your run of the mill non-dairy alternative; so it gets the “style” right on that point, but it lacks the almost dry creaminess of dairy-based varieties.

It’s currently priced a greater percentage too steep for my pocket for a single serve cup because 1) it’s new and 2) it uses an ingredient “fancier” than your now blase soy. Even if priced the same, my hand will still likely be reaching for the cups of Blueberry or Lemon Whole Fruit Soy Co, though.

Attempting to veganize is always commendable. So try it for yourself.


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