Shout Out Addendum: Never Give Me a Mic

Last night I attempted to do a shout out for the Green Holiday Festival…epic fail…at this month’s Vegan Drinks. I kind of got tripped up on the question, “What do they get for $20?” Honestly, I didn’t really know what to say. Once I saw the Green Holiday Festival, and that it was being organized by the ladies behind the 1st NYC Vegetarian Food Festival, I was like, ‘Where do I sign up to help?’ I had such an amazing time last April…even with the 3+ hour wait.

Essentially that’s what the $20 is for: to weed out the line so those who really want to be there get in. (Free admission for kids under 10yrs.) It’s basically going to be the same concept as NYCVFF, but with a focus on eco-conscious and environmentally positive lifestyle choices.

NYCVFF was pretty much food and animal and dietary organizations centered. Eating vegan is green, literally. It not only saves animals but cuts down on pollution. Animal derived materials are used for more than just food, though. The GHF will give attendees a chance to see past their plates, to animal-free alternatives to clothing and more, as well as sustainably made products.

And it’s perfect timing! Since you’ll be buying gifts for the upcoming holidays, why not browse the amazing companies at the festival and buy a good gift that’s good for the environment.

I misspoke last night and said that Vaute Couture would be at the festival. That was my wishful thinking. However, a dozen+ amazing businesses and organizations are already confirmed to participate in the event from 10am-5pm on Dec 11th.

The current participants include:

Angell Bar
Big Skinny Wallets
Black Sheep Heap
Catskill Animal Sanctuary
Common Ground Center
Compassion Couture
Dolphin Organics™
Earth Presents
Edward & Sons Trading Co
For The Animals Sanctuary
Gneiss Spice
Green Mountain Energy
Gristle Tattoo
Healthy School Food
Kombucha Brooklyn
Little Green Tees
Mercy For Animals
Moso Natural
Raw Ice Cream Company
Regal Vegan Inc.
Rescue Chocolate
Sacha Vida
Science of Spirituality
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Sweet Cheeks Vegan Bakery
Sweet. by jana
T. Colin Campbell Foundation
The Roving House
The Tea of Life Health
Two Shes Productions
U.S. Veg Corp


And don’t forget the EVENTS!

11:00-11:45    —-     Jared Koch
12:00-12:30   —-    Roberto Negrin
12:45-1:45      —-    Steve Meyerowitz
2:00-3:00      —-    Victoria Moran
3:15-4:00       —-    Chloe Jo Davis


3 thoughts on “Shout Out Addendum: Never Give Me a Mic

  1. Love your blog. We are super excited to be part of the Green Holiday Festival and are counting the days to the big event! Please stop by our booth to say hi and to try our great products. Organic chocolate covered sacha inchi seeds anyone?

    1. Thank you so much! Sweet! A comment with two of my favorite words: “love” and “chocolate”! I’ll be helping out throughout the day, including photographing in the afternoon, so I’ll be sure to stop by!

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