Add Meatless Movements To Your Calendar



Last Friday, I trekked over to Blossom Du Jour at ? Amsterdam Avenue, a mile walk from my work. I was enticed by Dairy-Free Fridays. Part of the Blossom series of restaurants around NYC, BDJ is always vegan, but on Fridays the shrewd fast-food eatery offers 10% off one item when you mention the promotion.

Specific day discounts are not uncommon at restaurants. However, it’s not just a “spoil yourself and TGIF” type discount. It associates vegan eating with reward. Honestly, 10% on one item is kind of a joke, but it got me in there on a day I wouldn’t typically have even bothered to leave the office.

Coming home on the train Monday night, I saw a young women with a Meatless Monday sticker on her purse. Again, this is aimed at decreasing meat consumption, if only on the surface. The advertised value for those who participate is improved health. Cutting back one day should help decrease their risks of certain types of ailments, like cancer…let’s just hope they don’t “make it up” later in the week. And that’s actually the core of their campaign: get the week off to a good start and it might stick.


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