Elevation Burger: Raising the Bar On Disappointment



Three meat-eaters and a veg*n walk into a burger joint. Sounds like the start of a joke…it was. Maybe I set myself up for it; I’d had such high hopes.

I visited an Elevation Burger in a suburb outside Philly. The vegan patties are cooked separately, which is a plus. However, when I asked about the contents of the rolls, the young man checked, but I wasn’t confident he even knew what he was looking for on the ingredients listing…and I wasn’t offered to see for myself.

The worst surprise was when I sat down with my family. Halfway through my burger, I realized an off-white cream on my wrapper. When I took the bun up to the cashier, she said it looked like Elevation Sauce, their cream-based house sauce…decidely not vegan.

Let’s establish, despite my vegan leanings, I still consider myself a vegetarian, so I will consume eggs and dairy. However, I avoid sauces when ingredients listings aren’t available either on-site or online due to possible hidden, animal derived ingredients, like whey or meat stock; which was why I didn’t order the employee confirmed, dairy-based sauce on my vegan burger.

My family and I are always excited to find places we can all eat at together like in “the good old days.” Elevation Burger puts on a lot of show to being veg*n-friendly, but when you’re being stared at by a whole staff of clueless employees, it’s easy to feel like you’re dropping from a high.


One thought on “Elevation Burger: Raising the Bar On Disappointment

  1. Don’t know why, exactly, but I really liked this post. Great title – good recount of events. Sorry ’bout the experience, tho’. I guess ’cause it’s good to read an honest review that isn’t all rainbows and lollipops. It’s always good to call a business out when not just one employee, but at least several are less than helpful.

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