Never Too Late For A Little B.A.D.


Had a good time at Vegan Drinks last night. The rain dwindled the usually large crowd, but a great bunch still showed.

Donations were collected for Food Not Bombs, and during Shout Outs, several organizations took to the mic to promote their causes, including Woodstock Animal Sanctuary,, Jersey City Kitties, and Sea Shepherd. As well, Compassion Couture handed out coupons for their new online store. Last but not least, Dun-well Doughnuts announced that they will be NYC’s first vegan doughnut shop! They’ll be opening up a storefront in the coming weeks.


  • Veg-O-Ween is tomorrow night.
  • This is the last weekend to visit Woodstock before they close for winter.
  • Next months Vegan Drinks will be a week early due to Thanksgiving.


Afterwards, my sister and I headed to B.A.D. in Williamsburg. I’ll admit I was a bit bad and ordered up Vegan French Toast and SoySages. If you’re not in NYC and no places around are whipping up Vegan French Toast grab a copy of Sarah Kramer’s Vegan A Go-Go. I’m sure many vegan cookbooks have a recipe for French Toast, I’ve tried Kramer’s; it’s easy to follow and turns out delicious. Good eatin’ to you.



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