Pouring On TastyBite’s Rogan Josh Cooking Sauce



Sometimes you buy vegetables with the best intentions. After more than a week lying around, the potatoes on my kitchen table gave me a visual ultimaum: eat us or else, well, you’ll probably want to toss us in that there trash can. (Chatty little bas#*@ds, those potatoes’ growths sure can convey a lot.)

When I spotted the TastyBite sauce packets on sale at Westerly for 2 for $2.50, I thought, “Ok. This will work.” If you’re reading this outside of the Manhattan area, don’t lose heart (read as: interest). TastyBite sauces and entrees are most likely available at your local supermarket and at a reasonable price.

In a skillet, I pretty much followed the package’s instructions. After washing and peeling two medium large potatoes, I cut them in thick chunks, then sliced 6 ounces of mushrooms and 3 small orange bell peppers. I tossed the veggies in the skillet with a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to cook through.

I will admit I got a little over zealous and added a can of chickpeas. Be wary the sauce to veggie ratio. To make sure your veggies will be well coated, pare back. Unless you have two packages of sauce, a skillet as full as mine will be too much.

After about 15 mins on medium, turning occasionally, I simply turned the flame to low, poured on the Rogan Josh sauce, mixed, covered and let cook another 10 minutes.

If you like a little spice, another plus to not overdoing it with the veggies is that the flavor won’t be as spread out and diluted.

Other suggestions: add tofu or seitan.


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