Gosh Darn It! And I Was Being So Good…


Until I decided to go food shopping. At the checkout, I spotted a Gluten Free Pumpkin Delight cookie from Alternative Baking Company. ‘Ok. I’ll just try a piece,’ I told myself. ‘Well, it’s only 240 calories,’ I reasoned. As I’m riding the train home tonight, is, was. My cookie is gone, to my pleasant surprise. Sometimes gluten free can be grainy or have a funny aftertaste; not this one. It was soft baked and flavorful. I’d venture to say I actually like ABC’s gluten free variety more than their regular.


4 thoughts on “Gosh Darn It! And I Was Being So Good…

  1. I’m going to have to get one tomorrow. When I eat it, it’ll cancel out you eating one. At least that’s what we’re going to tell ourselves. Agreed? lol.

    1. You got it man! It’s cool though. I like to try new things, but sometimes I bite off things I can’t chew. Since it was good, and not a waste of money or calories, I’m giving myself a pass. Liv Lovely cookies still hold my heart, and they make gluten free varieties too. This ABC cookie was way up there, though. So def try it if you can find it. I know what I like, so I’m always curious to get feedback from others.

    1. I got it at Westerly Natural Market in Manhattan. Gluten free products are hugely popular, so I’m sure if your local Whole Foods isn’t carrying them yet, they’ll soon be.

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