Hungry Girl Sandwich


After two hours at the gym yesterday, I got back to my apartment with a rumbly in my tumbly, popped into the kitchen, pulled out a skillet and turned on the burner on medium.

For this sandwich, I let a pat of vegan butter melt in the skilet then tossed on a few slices of Yves Vegan Canadian Bacon. Don’t overcook the CB; the aim is warm, not hard. While they heated up, I sliced some onions then replaced the CB with the onions to get brown.

Split a thick kaiser roll and toss on a couple slices of vegan cheese, then pop it in the microwave. I love Tofutti brand. You can skip the microwave, but I like my cheese really melty.

Add on the Canadian Bacon and fried onions with some spicy mustard. I used Nathan’s; no sugar and zero calories.

As always, feel free to add your own twist with whatever you might have on hand.


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