A Life Vegetarian Meets Play With My Food, Yumminess Ensues

Getting off the L train at 8th Ave, the apple I’d had for breakfast was no longer sustaining me; I felt like I could take a bite out of something too. After popping by the Gnosis Chocolate Pop-Up Shoppe at Organique on 23rd for its last weekend, I made my way across town to meet up with fellow blogger Jake Johnston, Play With My Food.

Vegan food/Comic book Blogger, Jake Johnston

Greater Boston-based, Jake was in town for the 2011 NY Comic Con…with a press pass to boot, fancy. One click to his blog and you’ll know the dude’s a bit of a comic aficionado (read as addict if you feel it just).

Living here for nearly 8 months now, the thing I love most about NYC is that sometimes getting lost can be a good thing. As we played text tag, bridging the gap between my L stop and NYCC’s home-base, the Javitts Center, luckily I looked up from my phone to see the Blossom overhang…and to not get hit by a car. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite opened for dinner yet. Darn.

Jake Johnston
Midtown Melt

Again, luckily, Jake’s easy. (wink) We walked across the street to Blossom du Jour for some “shrewd fast food.” Blossom Du Jour and its neighbor Cocoa V Chocolat are both owned by the proprietors of Blossom…where I will someday get to eat. I can’t feel too bad for Jake who ate the previous night at the much hyped Dirt Candy NYC.

BDJ Buffalo Wrap
Check out that t-shirt! Woo-hoo!

In case you missed the June issue of VegNews magazine with an article mapping out the Blossom empire, there is also V-Note on the Upper East Side and Cafe Blossom on the Upper West Side. All locations serve up amazingly delicious vegan eats and sweets.

BDJ ain’t no shack seving slop though. Jake ordered up the Midtown Melt, which I know from experience is delicious, and I went for the BDJ Buffalo Wrap. With a nice heat to it and mix of textures, from the soy tenders to the carrots, I transformed into a Hoover vacuum cleaner right in front of his eyes.

NYC has so many veg*n options.

What do two veg*ns talk about? Food, naturally. Hey, food’s a powerful thing! There wouldn’t be so many different styles and recipes if the same thing always satisfied everyone.

Jake said goodbye to bologna parties and went vegan with his wife Laurie. Be sure to congratulate the pair who married in August after 10 years together!

We had to walk into Cocoa V just for a moment though. As Jake commented, ‘it smells like chocolate.’ Despite my fond memories of my last visit with my sister, we were holding out for Lula’s Sweet Apothecary. Lula’s, sweet vegan Lula’s.

Be in the know before you go…or come, however, you want to think of it…carry some dough with you. A good number of places are cash only…and I’m not cool with ATMs. First, cause there’s a fee and second, cause their locations can get dicey. If you’ve never seen a group of peeps jacking with an ATM machine, yeah, denied.

A classic choice, Jake…um…I mean Jimmy Olsen, got a single scoop of Cookies ‘n Cream. So, there’s classic and then there’s a two scoop sundae with Cinnamon and Pumpkin ice creams, chocolate syrup, candied walnuts, and coconut whipped cream with a cherry. I tend to go a bit crazy…like a kid in a, well, you know.

When I turned from the register to see the little Jimmy Olsen sitting on the counter, I got a little giddy. Oh, hell, I skipped. I love the pics for Jake’s blog. He was also nice enough to share some tips long forgotten from my high school photography class.

As we trekked the city we talked on everything from blogging to pets to why we made the switch. Nevertheless, the cool and clear mid-October Saturday gave way to twilight and Jake and I went our separate trains. My hope is the next time Jimmy Olsen takes on NYC, Lois Lane comes too!


2 thoughts on “A Life Vegetarian Meets Play With My Food, Yumminess Ensues

    1. He’s too kind. I love how he worded it, ‘she may not have the train routes memorized,’ instead of ‘she got us lost.’ LOL! Hope to meet you too!

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