ATTENTION New Yorkers: Two In One Vegan Sunday Funday

Foster Dogs NYC, 2009

As I mentioned yesterday, today is the last day for the Gnosis Chocolate Pop-Up Shop. Another event for Chocolate Weekend NYC is Rescue Chocolate at MooShoes. Oh yeah! MooShoes will be open its regular hours, but get to meet up with Sarah Gross, founder of Rescue Chocolate between 2-4pm. All the proceeds from chocolate sales will go to benefit The New Hampshire SPCA.

Don’t miss either. Stop by Gnosis first. Pick up some yummy raw vegan truffles, like the Cookies & Cream, then head down to MooShoes cause you’re going to be in a shoe store…you know that’s going to take longer! Afterwards, think about heading over to BabyCakes NYC. If they don’t have any cupcake tops, get an icing shot. There icing is amazing. Or maybe make me jealous and try the cornbread I’ve yet to be able to.


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