Vegan “Stuffed” Thin Crust Pizza


Laziness might be why pizza crust seems so elusive to me. Maybe it’s the calories? Or maybe I’ll blame it on Minnie Mouse, who had me making “pizzas” on English Muffins when I was 8. And, yes, I’m aware you can buy it in a bag. Whatever the reason, unless it’s a frozen pizza, like Tofurky, or made for me, like at Blackbird (Philly) or Vinnie’s (NYC), I don’t do dough.

I’ve made pizza on pita bread and some fluffy Turkish bread from my local produce stand/grocery store. My sister is definitely responsible for my latest dough ducking, though. We get these  packs of “Roll-up” by Damascus Bakery; they’re like tortilla to make sandwich wraps. Only 110 calories per sheet.

  • Cut the corners at the diagonal.
  • Cut a vegan cheese slice or two in strips.
  • Line them down the sides and fold over.
  • Pour some tomato sauce in the center of the bread and spread out. (You can use the sauce to help seal the edges of the crust.)
  • Load up on veggies. (I had mushrooms, olives, tomatoes, and yellow bell peppers topped with a sprinkle of pepper flakes.)
  • Top with shredded vegan cheese, if desired.
  • Pop in the oven on a sturdy surface like a pizza tray or cookie sheet for 5 to 15 mins. (Cook time will vary by oven and how long its been on for, so check on.)
  • Use caution when removing the pizza from the oven…obviously.
  • Enjoy.

How do you top your pizza?


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