Do Trace Warnings of Non-Vegan Ingredients Effect Your Purchases?

After a good workout, you need a little something to recharge your batteries. So I pulled a Chai Spice Kardea bar from my bag and passed it to my sister. (Remember: Sharing is caring.) As we hopped the train and settled in for the ride home, she glanced over the nutritional information and ingredients then asked me, ‘So you don’t care if it’s made on the same equipment? It says, “This product is manufactured in a facility that uses milk, peanuts, tree nuts, wheat and egg.”‘ My reply was only, ‘It said it was vegan.’

Sitting there, I thought to myself, Do I care? Should I care?

As I’m sure you might have too. So go ahead and take the poll below. It’s anonymous! Please feel welcome to comment, though.


One thought on “Do Trace Warnings of Non-Vegan Ingredients Effect Your Purchases?

  1. Honestly, if I get the chance to buy from a vegan company I would prefer to purchase their stuff (vegan solidarity, you know?), but if I don’t have the choice I don’t really care.
    When I visit my parent’s house I will have some traces in their tableware, too. When I go out and order coffee, I am quite sure there will be milk traces (as they use the same dishwasher, maybe they use cups for different drinks,…) in it.
    On the other hand I don’t like my veggies to lie next to any meat when we have a barbecue and I use my own cutlery for barbecuing.

    Hope that helps 🙂

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