Don’t Blink and Miss Whole Foods’ Vegan Lasagna

When I spot a product with the word vegan or vegetarian, the words seem to radiate a glow, like a neon sign. At Whole Foods this weekend, I spotted their Vegan Lasagna frozen dinner.

How new this product is, I’m not sure. I’d certainly never seen it before. If you somehow missed it too, be on the lookout.

Not even Amy’s Kitchen offers a vegan lasagna. Currently, the closest Italian pasta meal they offer is their Baked Ziti Bowl.

At $3.99 (price may vary by location), it’s still priced above the more readily available non-veg*n varieties, like the well known brand Stouffer’s, but certainly less than many of its vegan freezer case companions.

While it is great to be able to make your own vegan lasagna, time isn’t always on our sides. For those nights when it’s a microwaveable or nothing, this is a nice affordable option.

UPDATE: I blogged about this back in October simply for the fact that I was happy to see there was a more reasonably-priced, frozen vegan meal available. I finally got around to trying this…yeah, yeah, I know it’s now February. Forget about it! It’s nasty. The sauce is too sweet, the “cheese” too bland, and the whole wheat pasta has a funny taste. The only interesting part was the broccoli on top, but just get broccoli on its’ own. Not worth the $4 or 440 calories. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go get something to get this taste out of my mouth.


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