Throw Your Lunchbox A Change Up


Mixing up classics, like the the lunchbox favorite PB&J, is one of my favorite serendipitous (probably not a word, but just go with it) events. They’re almost always the product of improvisation.

Still working on the loaf of bread I’d purchased originally to make tartines, I got the elementary school urge for a PB&J. I really shouldn’t make PB&J for my lunch…ever; they rarely make it to even noon. The sandwich sits on my desk and calls to me and it sounds a little like Weird Al.

I’d set about making your classic. When I was a kid is was Skippy peanut butter and Smuckers Grape jelly.

I have a container (traugh) of peanut butter in my work desk cabinets. Don’t lie. Just admit, when your stress is high, you too get a craving for a spoonful of peanut butter. Ok, maybe you actually crave a cigarette…but PB has healthy fatty acids instead or carcinogens, so make the switch.

My thought was, ‘I’ve still got that wild fruit jam from when I made grilled PB&Js a few months ago. I knew I was saving it for a reason.’ ATTENTION PLEASE: jam/jelly/preserves do go bad. So, not appetizing, I know. You buy food and you either eat it or toss it. Lesson learned.

So, the only other jam I had was St Dalfour’s Wild Blueberry Spread. This is thick with blueberries…so delicious. Somehow peanut butter didn’t seem to pair well. I was in luck and had a packet of almond butter with maple. So good.

Packets are so convenient…if not always the most environmentally sound; think one jar versus all those equivalent packets. Economical if you’re like me and don’t splurge (financially and calorically) on a treat like almond butter too often. (We know how opened containers can spoil.)

The classics are always good; that’s how they stand the test of time. Changing it up keeps things fresh.

Experiment and enjoy!


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