Hummus, Artichoke, and Roasted Pepper Tartines

Tartine is just a fancy, French name for an open-face sandwich. When I’ve had them out, they’ve been on denser bread than your typical sandwich bread. OK, denser than my usual sandwich bread; I tend to go for the puny, low calorie loaf.

Since I had French bread leftover from making Garlic Mushrooms on Toast, I decided to go small scale. Though it would have been funny trying to fold these pieces together in a sandwich, I loaded them up.

Just a few tablespoons of tahini hummus over their tops and some warmed roasted yellow pepper and artichoke pieces spinkled with tarragon piled on make for a great snack or small meal. (I used Sonny & Joe’s Hummus with Toasted Sesame.)

Since I was feeling super lazy, my artichoke came from a can, my roasted peppers from a jar, my French bread from a bag, and my hummus from a container. It’s good to have some go to staples, like hummus, in your fridge.

Years ago, my quick light meal was a chick’n patty on a hamburger bun with a little ketchup, which I still love; simple, tasty, and ready in 90 seconds. Still around 90 seconds to pull this altogether, it’s nice to have something different to mix up your meal routine.


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