Maple Fruit and Walnut Parfait

I’ve never been much for Maple Syrup…at least not in the last 12 years. When I used syrup, is was the artificially sweetened, low calorie variety. Purchasing…and falling in love with…pure maple syrup to make Sweet & Salty Carrots, I’ve been thinking up different things to do with my little jug.

Since I’d also purchased a container of Whole Soy & Co’s Plain Soygurt for a recipe I wasn’t going to get around to in the near future…and it has the same bitter cut to it that regular yogurt had, which I’m not looking to get used to even now…I needed to think of what to do with it.

McDonald’s has their Fruit and Yogurt Parfaits, which even as a vegetarian, I won’t eat because the yogurt has gelatin in it. As I stared down into my yogurt I decided to add a little sweetness and mix up a fun snack.

I cut up the fruit I had on hand (a pear, a plum, and an apple) and tossed the pieces into a skillet on medium heat with a couple tablespoons of pure maple syrup and a handful of walnuts, turning everything over to coat. (Since I was cooking these on a tabletop burner, not a stove, try setting stove on low first.)

Then I covered the skillet with a pot top for several minutes, uncovering and flipping occasionally. I’m not really exact with the time; when I pulled the top off to stir and could smell the sweetness of the apples waft up at me, I knew it was time to take them off the heat.

Just layer the yogurt and fruit/nut mixture and enjoy.

Optional: I added a dash of cinnamon powder and tossed before plating.

While my little bowl was intended to be a snack, it ended up being my dinner. Sweet, filling, and healthy!

How would you layer a parfait?

Play around with whatever you have on hand. Have fun!


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