The Word: NuGo, Nutrition on the Go Bars


09/16/2011 1:40pm
I saw your bars in the store and that some of them are labeled as “vegan”. When I looked at the ingredients, I noticed that they contain sugar. Is the sugar in your vegan bars particularly, but more general as well, processed free of animal by-products, like bone char filters? Additionally, when labeling a product vegan and if you were to ever label something vegetarian, how does your company define these two words? Thank you.

9/16/2011 4:09pm
All of our vegan products are truly vegan. The sugars all come from agave syrup and tapioca syrup except for our sugars in the chocolate (the chocolate is also vegan) and are not processed with animal by-products. Most of our vegan products are also certified OU Pareve by the orthodox union. This is the strictest certification in the food process which includes shutting the line down for days to clean all piece and equipment at 212 degrees and making sure each ingredient is pareve (having no dairy or meat by-products).

We do not label anything vegetarian.

Healthy Regards,
Alyssa Nard
NuGo Nutrition

Reprinted with permission.


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