Take Me Home…Back to Philly for a Day!

Have a (chocolate) heart.

Back in May, I met up with my friend Rick in the city of Brotherly Love to hit up some of my choice spots. Our meeting place was Blackbird Pizzeria. If you go to Philadelphia, don’t take the easy way out. Walk! On my wandering from the train station, I passed by the Reading Terminal Market, home of 4 Basic Vegetarian; passed the Walnut Street Theater, volunteer and see the shows; did a little shopping; and came across some veg-friendly restaurants, including Mumbai Bistro.

Blackbird Pizzeria is always a favorite, just for doin’ what they do. And I snapped up a huge Vegan Treats whoopie pie!

Essene market is another fave of mine. Veggies have so many options there, including an entirely veg*n salad bar. I picked up Strawberry Kanten made of organic apple juice, agar, and strawberries; it looks weird, but it’s pretty tasty.

Other veg-friendly options dotting South Street include:

  • Moaz Vegetarian
  • Loving Hut
  • Whole Foods
  • Govinda’s Gourmet to Go
  • Sweet Freedom Bakery

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