Let’s Play a Game with Whole Foods’ Muffins

You used to do these when you were a kid. Maybe you even still do the ones in your local Funnies section. Can you spot the differences between these two images?

Whole Foods has a wide variety of veg*n products available, including fresh baked goods. However, looking at the vegan and non-vegan muffins, as well as the cupcake selections for both, it seems that creative flare is reserved for dairy containing goods.

These two images were taken at a Whole Foods in PA. In neither PA, DC, nor NYC, though, have I visited a location where the vegan varieties have out-dressed their animal product containing counterparts…and I can’t decide whether this stacks the deck for or against vegans.

The idea behind the pared back decorations, could be the notion that vegans tend to be more health conscious, and so wouldn’t want all the extra fixings. Or maybe it’s the thought that if you’re shopping in their store, you’re more health conscious and you’ll actually reach for the vegan over the non-vegan because you don’t want all the sugar added on. I’d be curious to see which of the two actually sell more. The later theory isn’t really viable, however, considering they have cases upon cases of dairy-made sweets.

Jim Gaffigan said it best, ‘A muffin’s just a bald cupcake.’ So, really, if you’re giving in to a muffin, you’re treating yourself. So why not doll them both up. Would more people chose a decked out vegan muffin if given the choice?

You be the judge. Check out your local Whole Foods and ask yourself, if both were vegan, which one would you want more?


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