Bid the Summer A Fond Adieu

Labor Day weekend has come and gone. For many, it was the last hurrah of the summer. The long weekend might have been the last before school starts or brought a recognition that sunny weather may be going bye-bye.

Unless you work retail, then it was probably just another weekend. I mean, someone has to be there to sell you those amazing deals. If you’re veg*n, a lackluster weekend might have stemmed from different reasons. Being the odd man out at B.B.Q.’s and parties can smudge the shine on holiday festivities. I’ll admit, I’ve been the kind of person who has kind of given up.

I went home to be with my family for the weekend. With my Almond Breeze and Kashi in tow and work in the back of my mind, I pushed my expectations down fairly low. One night was chick flick in the DVD player and an Annie’s pizza in the oven. Next afternoon was long bike ride in Fairmount Park followed by some Vegan Shepherd’s Pie at Essene Market and a Vegan Treats Strawberry Cupcake at Govinda’s To Go. I came home that evening to a new, veggies-only grill rack. (Thanks Dad!) The weekend was over quick but it’s probably the best holiday I’ve had in years.

It wasn’t the last weekend of the summer, though. You’ve got one more last chance. This weekend won’t be as long but send summer out on a high note by making the most of what’s left.

Soak up the last days of summer.

Need some suggestions on how to make the most of the weekend?

  • Stop by the supermarket tonight for supplies. It’s not a holiday weekend so it won’t be as packed.
  • Sleep and forget to set your alarm clock.
  • If the weather is willing, be able. Go for a bike ride or a walk. When the weather turns, you’ll wish you
  • If you don’t have a place you can just pop by for a quick veg*n dessert, how about some simple and quick recipes? Check out these bad boys…I mean gals: Beach Cookies by Chef Chloe and Vanilla Bean Cupcakes by Post Punk Kitchen.
  • Have a treat and chill out with a movie.
  • Invite some friends/family over for a veg*n lunch. Show off just how good you can eat without meat. Check out some recipes from Healthy Happy Life and Whole Foods and Grilling Tips from PETA.

However, you decide to spend this weekend, I hope you enjoy it!


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