Crush Alert: A Little Girl for Girl: McCartney and Konya

 Back in February, designer Stella McCartney tapped vegan sweets queen, Danielle Konya, to make some treats. According to Konya, “It’s a fashion week bash and some people speaking about cruelty-free fashion.”

Stella, the daughter of Sir Paul (you know, from that little band called The Beatles) and Linda, and no doubt influenced by the pair, is a strict vegetarian and advocate against animal cruelty. So firm in her views, the UK based Daily Mail reported that the designer apparently went “ballistic” in 2008, when one of her designs was used in a fur ad.

It seems only natural McCartney would enlist Konya. Her sweets, baked in Bethlehem, PA, are shipped widely throughout PA and NY…and known well beyond these city limits. The entrepreneur and outspoken animal activist, herself, Konya is slated to be the focus of an upcoming Animal Planet series.

I’m drawing little hearts around both these ladies’ names like a schoolgirl…and dreaming I had some of those chocolates.


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