Getting a Little Raw

I haven’t delved too much into the raw vegan eats. Aside from a trip to Arnold’s Way in PA, some raw macaroons in Brooklyn, some raw chocolate pudding in Hell’s Kitchen, raw really isn’t something I seek out. I mean, my fruit’s raw.

Last night, though, my coworker made a point of mentioning he’d seen a news short on a raw place on the island. He couldn’t tell me much about it; just that it looked good. I wagered it was Quintessence in lower Manhattan, which reminded me that my LivingSocial voucher for the raw vegan restaurant is still living in my inbox.

Bringing up how not cheap raw vegan food is, he laughed: ‘How can it be expensive? You can’t even need a chef. Nothing’s cooked.’ So, what is raw veganism and why isn’t it cheap?

Essentially it’s veganism with the caveat that, according to Wikipedia, no food is cooked above 48 degrees Celsius. Food is chopped, pureed, pressed, and dehydrated; and many believe there are great health benefits to a raw vegan lifestyle that exceed just being vegetarian or vegan.

I actually went into another raw vegan place about a month ago and was going to just get something I thought was simple; the price turned my stomach and I turned around and walked out. Sticker shock can be a huge roadblock.

In stores and restaurants, though, you’re really paying for the limited demand of a labor intensive process. In everyday, fresh fruits and vegetables don’t need to break the bank. and even if you don’t go all the way, these should be staples regardless.

Want to get raw?

Try Simple and Easy Raw Recipes

Vegansaurus with some tips for getting raw in the Bay Area, which you can repurpose for yourself.


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