McDonald’s Has a Few Leafs to Offer

McDonald’s: For years, I loved their Salad Shakers. When I became a vegetarian, I thought, ‘Perfect. I’ll get a salad.’ Um, no. More like, ‘Yum. Lettuce.’ Getting a salad without meat that was more than just lettuce and one grape tomato, maybe, good luck. Now it looks like they have a few more options for veg*ns.

  • Premium Southwest Salad
  • Premium Asian Salad
  • Side Salad

FYI: The Low-Fat Vanilla Yogurt in their Fruit And Walnut Salad has gelatin. So it’s your call.

That these new options are actually the sign of a new, legitimate veg-friendly McDonald’s, rather than a response to backlash over expanding waistlines in the current years, is doubtful. This is one bone I won’t be clinging to. I’m not really planning on rushing under the golden arches and shelling out my hard earned money to encourage a company whose killing droves of my fellow, forget just Americans, humans; remember, we’ve exported Ronald to the world…how nice of us.

To know more about who makes your food, watch and read:

For info on PETA’s McCruelty campaign, click here.


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