The Word: Tarte Cosmetics Vegan Query

At present, you cannot create a “full face look” with Tarte Cosmetics’ PETA certified, cruelty free and vegan product collection; that is, unless you want to use the gel eyeliner over your whole lid and lip tint/gloss on your cheeks, which you could do, I suppose. Last year, I’d gotten a bit of a boost of spirits from a brand rep…but my high hopes were soon put in check.


Sent: Sunday, May 16, 2010 9:59 AM
Subject: contact submission
name: Sarah

I am a vegetarian and I was recently speaking with a representative of your
brand at a Sephora store. The rep said that the brand was getting an
overhaul to make it entirely vegan or vegetarian. Is there any truth to
this? If not, are there any plans to change the packaging or store displays
(like Urban Decay using the Marley Footprint) to denote that a specific
product is vegan or vegetarian?


Hello Sarah,

At this time our main focus is removing any harmful ingredients from our
products. We will absolutely have more vegan products in the future. Thank
you for your inquiry!

Please continue to check the for the latest on new
product releases. Our customer care team is always available to assist you
monday through friday, 10am to 5pm est. if you have any additional
Thank you for your interest in tarte cosmetics!
Tarte Cosmetics Customer Service Team

In the end, I can’t knock them for their honesty.

I’ve always been a brand disloyalist anyway; picking and choosing what I liked best. My picks from their PETA certified Vegan collection?


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