Wear Your Veg*n On Your Sleeve

It’s gone the way of the dinosaurs, having been worn into faded glory, but I bought a shirt on Delia’s that had “Vegetarian Before It Was Cool.” I like to think I was. Especially before it was cool with my peeps…since it’s only that they’ve been numbed into acceptance. Looking for a replacement, I’ve gots me some options.

Thanks Rick!

Herbivore Clothing Company (right) offers some pretty cool shirts. My favorite has to be, “Bacon Had a Mom.” If your in NYC, stop at MooShoes, which offers selections from this line as well as other tees.

No idea where my friend foudn this t-shirt (left), but I love Tofu The Vegan Zombie!

PETA offers many shirts with their various slogans. My fave, a little chick with the tag “I am not a nugget.”

Other sites:

Check out this post from VegNews: T-shirts by Vegan Artists.


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