‘Do they even make vegan donuts?’ Oh yes they do!

For a coworker’s birthday, she was surprised with a room jammed full of coworkers and donuts from Dunkin’. I participated in the well wishing, but not the donuts. One of my coworkers asked me why I couldn’t have the Dunkin’ Donuts and I replied with whey…I’m sure among other things. Then he commented that it was disappointing that I couldn’t have donuts. Unless they made vegan donuts. Then it came: ‘Do they even make vegan donuts?’

Ha! Yes, they do. Donuts seem to be the new vegan challenge; one of the final veganize-this sweet frontiers.


Aww, yeah.

This bakery’s goods are everywhere. I enjoyed my first vegan donut in January; purchased at Govinda’s Gourmet-To-Go in Philly. The size was a little daunting. Funniest though, it reminded of The Simpson’s…and I foamed a little in anticipation. Just call me, ‘Homie.’


It's what's on the inside that counts.

When I went into CHAMPS Bakery in Brooklyn a few months back and saw boxes of Dunwell Donuts on the bottom of the case, I almost pressed my nose to the glass. I’d heard some hype about these donut makers and I needed to have my own taste. It was a PB & J vibe going on at the shop that day and I was feeling it. Now I’d also like to feel the French Toast, S’mores, Sugared Plum, and Mexican Chocolate flavors on my tastebuds…though not all at once cause then I’d be feeling ’em on my thighs too.


Pic totally nicked from their Facebook page.

I will admit that I’ve never been to this Rutherford, NJ-based vegan bakery. Judging from their Facebook pics and recent Food Network contestant submission video for Cupcake Wars, I really do need to see what the fuss is all about.

I showed you mine! Now you show me yours! Have a shop that makes bad-ass vegan donuts? Don’t keep it to yourself. That wouldn’t be nice. Share.


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