Liz Lovely Cookies: To Share or Not To Share

If you ever have a skeptic complaining that veg-friendly cookies are too dense or bland, just break a piece off of a Liv Lovely cookie and shove it in their mouth. Certified vegan by and with a number of gluten free varities, these are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had. And, yes, that’s best cookies; not just best vegan cookies.

At the Vegetarian Food Festival back in April, I was a bit of a pig and went back for a second as I left. They’re really soft and fall apart in your mouth but they’re not dry and crumbly. Even though I have my favorites, I haven’t tried a variety I haven’t liked.

I grabbed a pack of the Cowgirl Cookies from Westerley’s. Cookie Dough cookies. Genius. I just couldn’t resist; there’s just something about Friday’s. The end of a long work week drains your resistance. Why resist something so good?

This actually brings me to really my only problem with these cookies: they’re two cookies in one sealed pack. There are 2 cookies (4 servings) in one bag; each serving around 200 calories, so 400 a cookie. I don’t have to try very hard to think of reasons to eat the whole pack. I do have to try to hold myself back and the reasons tend to seem so insignificant.

It would be an extra expense to the company and extra plastic waste to seal each cookie individually. Once you open the pack, both cookies are exposed to the air. Sometimes I look at the bags and think, ‘I’d like both of these.’ In my head, I count up the calories and then put either one or even both back.

If the cookies were sealed individually, you could buy both the Cowgirl and Cowboy Cookies and have them in turn without having to worry their package partners weren’t losing their freshness. I’d buy more and probably more often if I could have a variety and not be tied to 800+ calories a go. Cause you know you just can’t say no.

But, hey, if that’s my only problem, maybe I should just consider sharing? Nah.

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