P.V.E. Does Orlando

Just got off a plane from Orlando, FL. after a blur of a weekend. Had an amazing time at Daytona Beach and Universal Theme Parks! As always, sought out some veg*n food.

The airport can be a difficult please to navigate. I took Sarah Kramer‘s advice from her travel/cookbook Vegan A Go-Go! and stashed a few treats in my sack for the flight. On my way to Orlando, for my wallet’s sake, I splurged in the terminal only on an orange juice.

I traveled Southwest Airlines and they do give you some little treats. The ones in my sack came in handy if for no other reason than I was out almost before the wheels were up. When I woke up, I noticed a young man sending little bears to drown before their beheadings. For me, these may have been fine; for vegans, I’m not sure Teddy Grahams would be on the menu.

When we touched down in Orlando, food was not optional. So after we dropped our bags, we headed to a little restaurant in Winter Park.

Let me preface with, I’m the only veg*n of my bunch. Sat down at this cute little place my friend likes, asked if they had anything vegan cause I like to start as extreme as possible, and sweet as pie the girl goes, ‘Yeah, we’re really not at all vegan friendly.’ I was actually really happy to hear that; luckily for me she had a family member who is vegan and so she pretty much nixed with the shoveling.

I set about scowered the menu for anything that would make up some semblance of a plate, so as not to be the pin at the party; popping everyones’ balloons. I admit, if I’d have really played it safe, I’d have had toast and fruit…but I felt a little Southern summer morning and had me some grits and a biscuit.

You know these cakes just long to be made vegan. Come on. Make their wish (and mine) come true.

Sadly, their cakes looked amazing. Vegan cake makers, please stumble upon this page and decide to make vegan cakes this huge…and really GOOD. Or veg*n friends, please stumble upon this page and tell me if you know a vegan cake maker who makes cakes this big…and that are really GOOD. Thanks!

After soaking up some sun (and upping my chances of getting cancer; I swear I put on sunblock), the evening came…and oh, more food, please. May I just say, I love smartphones. I don’t have one yet, but I like them and their fancy apps; I can admit that.

We searched for some vegan-friendly places and put out an A.P.B. to veg friends in the area and we sort of hit up two places.

First we tried Drunken Monkey. Wasn’t quite the seating arrangment we were looking for, but I couldn’t leave without grabbing some of the yummy looking vegan brownies. I was really intrigued by the Mocha Mole Brownie. It was good; I will say. There was a good spice to it. Downside, someone wasn’t wearing their hairnet; I’m just sayin’.

Onward to STARDUST. They’re not a vegan restaurant, but they can make several items vegan; just look for the ‘cv’ throughout the menu. I had me a yummy, yummy veganized Rob Reiner sandwich.

This place really speaks for itself…very loudly with a bustling crowd on Friday. And so, I went to sleep full…and all was right with the world. Fine, all was right with me at that moment.

We woke up early and headed to the Universal Theme Parks. I’m gonna own; I’m gonna own: I went to Orlando solely for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. There, I said it. Oh, and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

Rode some rides and drank me some Butterbeer. Which I am sumpremly confident, is not vegan. They put this foam on top, vegetarian but I swear it can’t be vegan. In fact, I’m not sure veg*ns exist in the Harry Potter sphere.

On the map of the parks, there is an apple symbol to denote restaurants that offer vegetarian/healthy options. Walked into one place and the healthy option was a chicken ceasar salad. Turkey legs are everywhere. So you’ve been warned. When you see a place with soft pretzels, that’s the pot of gold…just make sure you ask for one that’s actually, oh, I don’t know, soft, maybe.

On City Walk, though, you have a few more options. Try Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. I only had a small salad, but they have a few items that can be made vegetarian.

For Sunday brunch, we hit up EOLA Wine Company. An $8 flight of mimosas and a Veggie Wrap (hold the Goat Cheese) is a winning combination.

Still to come:

I had an amazing time in Florida! My sister and friend kept telling me I ate like all of 500 calories the whole trip, but no. I totally splurged and broke the caloric bank on some good eats!


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